Friday, January 1, 2010

Who needs a professional Firework show.

This year New Years Eve was here before I even knew it. I didn't plan to do anything or go anywhere. Hawaii that this funny law that fireworks are legal from 9pm to 2am on New Years Eve, so naturally people have been setting them off daily here for the last month!

And I don't mean fountains and sparklers. I mean the real deal mortars and all.

JJ went for a run and some kids threw fire crackers at his feet. I told him it was just the locals encouraging his work out endeavors.

So on New Years Eve once the sun set we had quite a show. A minute before midnight we stood on our lanai and I took this video (its 7 minutes long) of all the celebrations. At 10 after midnight the bay was filled with smoke. The haze blocked out street light and fill up the house.

Video on YouTube

So in Hawaii if you want a good show, just watch your neighbors.

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