Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Hike.

JJ and I started off the new year with a hike. We went to Maunawili Falls as it is very close to our house and has great reviews. Its a mile and a half to a waterfall with a swimming pool! People jump from the rocks into a deep mountain pool.

Picture of the day!

Now what I didn't read in my trail book is that you must trek through 3 inch deep mud! So you get a little extra exercise twisting and wiggling to prevent yourself from falling.

About to cross one of the 8 stream crossings, look at the mud!

It is very pretty though! You climb up a huge hill and you can see for miles. You and in between some hills with great views of some of the surrounding towns.

Running up the stairs, there were a lot!

The falls were very pretty and there were many people there swimming and jumping into the water.

This is probably about at least a 15 foot drop.

On the hike back down we stopped for the views.

By the end I was covered in mud (and bug bites). Next time I have a list of things to bring, but for a first hike in Hawaii it was great!

A little mud is always fun.

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