Monday, January 11, 2010

Hawaiian Acclimation.

Ugh. I'm in bed watching tv..... with flannel pajamas and extra blankets. Then I check to see how cold it is (the clock projects the time & temperature on the ceiling).... I'm not sure I even want to admit this to my east coast people....

72 and chilly.


  1. yep, i hate you! haha miss you tons!!

  2. Haha em you're becoming a cold weakling! I'm jealous. Its in the 40s for the first time in weeks but still feels frigid.

  3. Hey Emma D.! Oh no! You won't be Emma D for much longer! I love your blog so much and am so happy for you that you're having such awesome adventures-thanks for sharing! I think you beat me on the temperature playing field. We just had a cold snap here in Miami and it got down to 27 degrees. But now it's back up to 77 so I'm much happier. Enjoy it "down" there and I hope to see you soon!