Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Queen Emma's Summer Palace.

So this week's photo blog theme was the letter Q. Which is difficult when the Hawaiian alphabet only has 14 letters, and you guest it, Q is not only of them.  The only thing I could think of was Queen Emma. There are a few streets and places here named after her. So I decided that I would go to her Summer Palace that I've passed several times on the Pali Highway.

I arrived right as they were opening at 9am. It is not what you would think of a royal home. It is very modest, comprised of only six rooms! There really isn't even a lot of things in the house. There is beautiful Hawaiian furniture made of Koa. I'm sorry, but inside photography is not allowed so I do not have images of the inside.

I did get to take some pictures in the gardens and has many of the native plants. There are these wonderful trees. It really is a beautiful home and is located in an odd area. It almost looks like it is displaced.

Native Plants.
Bird of Paradise.

I love the texture of these palms.

The house.

Now my disapoint with the house. Can you believe that don't sell a ton of Queen Emma souvenirs? I was really looking forward to a key chain or magnet or something! Oh well!

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