Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For our Honeymoon JJ took me to Los Cabos where we stayed in a 5-star resort, La Estancia. We had a beautiful one-bedroom villa, complete with huge closets, jacuzzi tube, full kitchen, living room area and an awesome patio. We spent a lot of time on our patio, we could drink our coffee, read an enjoy the view.

When people ask what we did on our honeymoon, we can't say much. It was just a time to relax. JJ was working 100 hour weeks up to the wedding and I was swamped with all the last minute wedding plans and just trying to remain calm. It was great to sit on the beach and do nothing.

Our resort was about a 20 minute walk up the beach from the main part of town. The original attraction in Cabos was the fishing of marlin, so the town center was built around the marina. Here you can get a fabulous lobster dinner, pick up a tacky magnet, and drink all the margaritas you can handle!

We did eat lots of guacamole and tacos! During one of our lunches down in the Marina a sea loin was looking for some easy food. These fishermen were having a good time giving him their left overs.

One of the days we went on a sunset cruise out to see the arch. The arch is one of the main attractions in Cabo. The cruise was a lot of fun, it was on this huge catamaran. We had some pina coladas as the sun went down. We met another couple that frequented Cabos and they told us the best place to get lobster.

Our Resort From the boat. 
Us and the Arch.
The Arch!

 The next day we went horse back riding. Which if you haven't done in several years you feel the pain for a few days after! haha. Unfortunately our guide went to press the button and our camera was exhausted. It was still fun riding though our horses did not get along, JJ's horse was very mean.

On the way to go riding.

The day after we went jet skiing. I have never done that before and I had a blast. When JJ was driving he was being cautious and didn't want me to fall. I on the otherhand drove like mad. Its funny because you get going so fast that you don't want to loosen your grip for fear of falling off, however lossening your grip is the only way to slow down!

That same day we took a glass bottom boat to Lover's beach, which is located near the arch. The beach goes from the bay side of the arch to the Pacific side. On the bay side the beach is called Lover's, on the other divorce. We did not visit divorce beach.
Glass bottom boat, there wasn't much to see! 
The waves we pretty rough that day, I really thought we were going to hit the rocks.

 The edge of Lover's Beach.
Safety orange is so flattering! They were concerned about the currents.

One of the coolest things that we saw in Cabos were the mantarays. It is mating season for them and they attach mates by jumping out of the water and flying through the air. They travel in schools so it was really neat to see them jump in groups. I didn't get a great picture of them, I wish I had a video.

We got our lobster dinner that night:

All in all we really enjoyed our honeymoon.

You can see more photos in my Honeymoon Album.

Wedding Sneak Peak.

So after a long hiatus from blogging, I'm back! Since JJ and I got married two weeks ago some of the craziness has subsided. We have returned from our wonderful Honeymoon in Los Cabos and are trying to get our lives organized again.

While we were gone, our wonderful photographer post a preview of some images from the wedding on Facebook. For those who aren't on Facebook I have posted her album below.

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