Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fifty-Two Wednesdays

One of my new friend's here has a really cool blog that she created with a friend living in New York. They made a photoblog, in which they have an assignment to complete each week. They have the same, previously decided theme and they must take a picture of their interpretation of each week's theme. Every Monday the duo completes the assignment and post it to Fifty-Two Mondays. The purpose, to remain close despite the distance between them.

I love this blog and concept; these girls encourage other separated friends to take on the same challenge. So I talked with Deanna who is a fellow blogger away from home. She is aboard in Spain this semester, you should read about it in her blog Oh My! Madrid! Since we both like to blog and need to take more pictures we decided to take on the challenge.

We are tackling Wednesday, the half way to the weekend mark. It is easy to need a pick me up on Wednesday and this will be ours. So check us out on Fifty-Two Wednesdays (bookmark it! become a follower!).

This weeks theme, A Morning Walk:

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