Saturday, January 23, 2010

It has to End Somewhere?

A water tank that marks the beginning of the trail. 
 So we decided to go hiking again. This time on the Likeke Pali trail, which begins on the old Pali highway and takes you to one of the tunnels on the Likelike Highway, or so our book says....

Old Pali, you can barely see the cobble stones.
 The beginning of the trail was really pretty. In the first half mile or so you go though a monkey pod patch.

Monkey Pods.

Then you come upon these waterfalls and pools of water. I climbed up one of the boulders to get a better look at the falls and naturally got stuck there! Luckily after some coaching and JJ climbing to get me, I was able to get back down.

Upper and lower falls.  

We continued on the trail, our book said that in about two miles we would reach the tunnel. We walked up and down old stream beds that had dried up. Slowly ascending up the mountains, we passed by a boy scout camp. We found an old shelter that someone must of built a long time ago; Alana decided to check it out.

Alana in a hole. Alana in a tree.

Then we came upon an area with these huge trees. We think this is the arboretum we were told we would pass. There were also spots with great views up there, although, it was a voggy day.

Beautiful tree.

Please excuse the Vog.

Then we went through a bamboo forest. At this point we knew we had gone over two miles. We figured the trail would eventually take us to the tunnel. We started to be able to hear the highway, but couldn't seem to find it. The path narrowed, but was still marked. We had to walk through brush that was on the path, which at this point was more of a ledge then a pwth. You didn't want to slip at this point, the tumble didn't look fun. We were debating whether or not to turn around, we had gone for a long time. We decided to move on since we knew that the trail would end near the tunnel. We were rather certain that we could get to the likelike overlook and have someone pick us up! Problem was we could still hear the road, but couldn't see it.

At this point we were waiting for the trail just to end and we would need to return to where we came from. Finally we saw the highway, but not anywhere close to the look out. So we continued on the path. Then JJ says, "That's it! It stopped." In disbelief Alana said "No! It can't end!" and she pushed JJ through the bush. Sure enough, we found the path again. It lead us under the highway and we reached an access road. We figure this would take us some place where we could be retrieved. Eventually, we came out on a paved road which was part of the Botanical gardens.

In the end we never saw the tunnel, but I don't think we will go back anytime soon to find it!

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