Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breaking down boxes.

It been an interesting experience moving into our own place. I have discovered that I now have about 27 spatulas and 4 can openers and other absurd amounts of random kitchen wares. However, we lack in common area furniture and other everyday use items. I guess its a right of passage to be in the middle of an activity whether it is baking pumpkin bread or installing a door when you realize you do not have the proper tools to continue. This can be very frustrating at the time, but its kind of comical now that I can reflect back on it.

We have lived in the new place for about 2 week now and it is still a wreck. It is slowly coming together and JJ and I have bought more furniture. We found out quickly that we had a lot of things and no where to put them! Plus we have run into to a few set backs, like a good portion of funiture broken during the move. Naturally the items broken have a lot of sentimental value and are irreplaceable. I wish they had broken the TVs! To add to the frustration the items broken can't even be partial used as the movers broke the legs off. It really looks as if someone dropped and entire container of our stuff. The amount of damage is not a ding here or bang there. It is apparent that there was negligence in the transportation of my things.

The beautiful antique dress that is part of a complete set.

The base of the oak table my dad refinished for us.

I'm really just hoping that as we move through the claims process, it is quick and painless. I have contacted an antique appraiser and it will be interesting to find out more information about the pieces regardless of their damage. I am comforted that I do not plan on ever selling these items so I'm not too concerned about the market value being decreased by 75% (breaking a leg makes them pretty much useless and drops the value by that much!). I really just want them to be fixed, usable and to look good.

So besides that hiccup we have just continued to organize our stuff. I think that we have filled the dumpster 3 times with packing material and boxes. Boxes must be broken down or a fine will ensue, or so we have been told by a lady watching JJ throwing a box full of trash into the dumpster. Since then we have tried to be a little more sneaky with our box disposal, going only after dark. Ha! it seems silly, but I guess people are concerned about the trash here. The trash man does come twice a week at 6:30 am and if you dare to be sleeping....

Well I better get back to my organizing. I will update again soon with something more fun! And once our new furniture is delivered next week I will take you on a tour!

Stay tuned!

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