Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hawaiian inspired stockings.

As I unpacked my Christmas decorations this year I realized that JJ and I did not have stockings. Which I have always believed that they are oh so important. That probably extends from my childhood, where it was always the first thing I went for on Christmas morning.

So I decided to make some. I went to the local fabric store, Fabric Mart (creative!) where they have a million Hawaiian prints and about 10 Christmas patterns. Which was really ok with me because when in Hawaii have a Hawaiian stocking!

I decided on 2 Hawaiian patterns for the main portion on the stocking and a classic Christmas pattern for the cuff. I googled stocking patterns, but determined it was probably better to come up with my own after looking at the limited selection. So I winged it, and that is why there is such a thing as a stitch ripper! Ha.

After a few hours of sewing and re-sewing, I finally had 2 Hawaiian inspired stockings!

Making the pattern.

Cut out, wishing I had a good pair of scissors.

Figuring things out and adding the cuff.

Action shot, I believe this was a re-sew! ha!

All done!

The whole picture! I made the tree skirt the other day!

I'm no where close to giving Martha a run for her money, but at least I had fun (when the frustration was at its low points!)

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