Sunday, December 20, 2009

Island Drive.

Here are a few pictures from an island drive. You can't drive all the way around the island, the roads do not connect.

Our route.
The beginning of the drive. 

We went to the Mac Nut farm to get the Free Coffee!

We were there for about 2 minutes when one of the sales clerks yells "BFB coming!" When we walked out we saw this:

I'll let you guess what "BFB" stands for, haha!

Then a park!

This is the view looking back towards where we live.

Then we headed up to the North Shore which was very crowed since a surf competition was going on that day. That said, we didn't get to stop.

The middle of the island.

Pineapples! The pineapple ice cream is amazing!

So I've had some fun in Photoshop this time!

That was it for our island drive. I think we will do it again soon!

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