Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Teal-mobile's Tragic End.

This past year my beloved '95 Isuzu Trooper, Ole Betsy Blue, started to give me some trouble down in Charleston. Since I was some 500 odd miles away from my go to mechanic aka my Dad, we decided it best to retire Betsy for a 2009 Yaris. After a few months I noticed a grinding in the gears from 1st to 2nd. I took it into the local dealership for inspection. Well they couldn't determine the cause of the grinding so they decided to replace the maunal transmission. Since it was under warranty I really didn't mind. So they fixed it and all was good again.

Then I moved back to Maryland, where in the mean time my Dad fixed Betsy's aliments. I still drove the Yaris, I mean as much as I love my Trooper I can't argue with the mpg of the Yaris. I began to again notice a problem with the transmission. The more I drove the worst it got. So we took it over to the dealership to get a check up. Lo and behold the transmission was shot! However this time it was not a mechanic error, but a human one.

Oh yes, the mechanic in Charleston forgot to put transmission fluid back into the car when they replaced the first transmission. So by September the '09 Yaris was on it's 3rd transmission after it only being in my possession for 6 months.

The deal was that once I moved to Hawaii my Dad would take the car to replace his truck. I was hoping that this was the end of the issues with the Yaris and that we were in the clear from getting a Lemon. Then this happened......

My Dad was in the car and stopped to make a left hand turn when he was rear ended. Thankfully, my Dad was ok, just some whiplash. He told me that the guy hit him so hard that the drivers side seat was broken. Apparently the other driver just wasn't paying attention and plowed into the back of the Yaris. I'm just glad that my Dad wasn't hurt.

So after having the car for about 8 months, the 2009 Teal-Mobile has been declared totaled. I guess some cars are just not meant to be.

Now when I go home in March I will be reunited with Betsy! I just don't think she was ready to be put out in the pasture!

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