Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aloha. and Our First Place.

After an entire day of flying we FINALLY made it! It was about 9:30 pm Hawaiian time (2:30am ET). Almost everyone from the ward room was there to welcome us! There was about 20 people with welcoming smiles and beautiful lei's. Oh the lei's smelled so good! After several introductions JJ headed off with our sponsor, Ryan, to get the rental car while I was left to manage the 7 checked bags!

We headed over to Pearl Harbor to check into our hotel which once we arrived discovered that I was not allowed to stay there! Melissa, Ryan's wife, quickly stepped up to help get to figure things out and to find us a place for us to stay. At this point I really wanted my pajamas. She called over to the Air Force base hotel, where they had room and I was allowed to stay! It turned out to be better because we had a one bedroom apartment instead of a standard hotel room.

To be honest I'm not really sure what we did over the next few days, it is all kind of a daze. I blame the jet lag. We did look at several rental units, many of which were not of the living standard that we are used to. We have discovered that there really is just not that much to choose from out here and it is surprising how much they can charge for rentals that are severely lacking (like ovens).

We did pick one, which JJ says he loved the minute he saw it. It is by far better then anything else we saw! We are in a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse. It is the top floor of the building, so the pent house! haha, that kinda cool to say, I know, I'm a dork.

The big seller, the view! We look over the Kaneohe bay and the mountains.

Kitchen, Living room

Living Room/ Dining Room

Master Bath (the second one is the same)

Views from the Master Bedroom

So those are the views from Our First Place! More to come soon!

I found a video on You Tube of an identical unit that was for sale. Its a walk through and has most images of what it looks like!

Pohakea Point

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