Thursday, December 3, 2009

Never thought I'd miss a Palmetto bug.

Ok so moving to Hawaii has it's pluses, nice weather, plenty of beaches and really cheap pineapples. However, I have to admit that since we moved here there is a constant fear of the potential spider I might meet. Since we live in a more tropical area I imagine that the bugs are huge! Lucky for me, I have yet to meet a gigantic spider and hope to keep it that way.

In Charleston there were palmetto bugs, basically huge flying cockroaches. Which didn't bother me too much, unless it flew into my hair.

My fear in Charleston was the banana spider! ugh! I get the wee-bee gee-bees just thinking about them. If you don't know what on looks like and are curious I suggest you google it. I refuse to look them up. The last time I encountered one I was forced to cross the street.

Today, I discovered the above critter, a centipede. Fortunately, it was already dead, but GROSS! Our sponsor told us that if you kill one they let off a pheromone that attracts others. Not a very intelligent bug going toward the danger!

They have blue legs.

So far this is the worst of the Hawaiian bugs and I hope that there are no more that decide to show up! When it comes to this thing above, I'd rather have a palmetto bug!

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