Sunday, October 4, 2009

Turtles Eat Tigers for Breakfast

Turtle Power (2nd and 3rd generation Terps!)

My Dad and I always joke that it is hard to be a Maryland fan. And we thought this past Saturday would be just that. To our surprise, (and to the Clemson fans) Maryland won! It wasn't without some nerve racking moments, but that is what Fridge likes to do. We have had a struggle thus far into the season, losing to teams like Middle Tennessee. I really don't get it. We have the talent, but they just can't seem to get it together as a team.

As a fan of Biggest Loser and fascination with other major weight loss stories, I'm truly happy that Fridge has lost over 100 pounds. However, I'm a little concerned about my boys. It is pretty obvious that there is a lack in coaching, especially with the offense line. Oh and how aggravating it is to sit on the side line and know exactly what will happen next. We don't have the offense line that can make holes in the opposing defense, so stop running it up the middle! Oh and 3rd and long, why don't we throw it now that the pressure is on!

I am by no means a football expert, but if I can call the plays, there is something wrong. We need a little creativity out there! Ok sorry for the blurb, but I had to get it out.

The team thanks the most loyal fans, the students

Although, what would football be without tailgating? Just a game, and not an experience! So the tailgating was awesome and usually the better part of the experience! We had breakfast sandwiches, bagels, pumpkin breads, etc. And most importantly we had Mimosas! Which would be more enjoyable if I didn't get harassed by that strange woman who is so concerned that I might be underage.

Praying to the Football Gods

So in the end it was a pretty good time. We got to tailgate, the weather was beautiful, and Maryland WON!

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