Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrapins in the Rain.

For the second year in a row Homecoming for Maryland was a raining day. However the rain did not deter us from the tail gating! My dad is quite a crafty man and with 3 tents, 4 heaters and some tarps we had the most cozy tail gate around! Several people came over to see us and were impressed by the coziness of our tents.

Setting up!

I got to see some of my old roommates Doody (its her last name) and Kris. Shyvonne made an appearance as did some of the Delta Gammas. Kelvin came to say hi and to convince me to stick around after the football activities!

Me and Doody!!

Kel is so very disappointed in Shyvonne!

After the tailgate Kris, Kel and I went back to Sigma Nu for some more partying. There I saw more friends and it felt like we were in college again. Oh and I do miss college!

Brotherly Love!

We made our way to Cornerstone, which was packed with people. There I saw more DGs and a couple of other friends.

At C-Stone

All in all homecoming was a success! I had a blast and hung out with some of the best people in the world. I don't even care that Maryland didn't win. After all I had more important things to do then football, tailgating and reminiscing!

It's good to be a Turtle!

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  1. i can't remember why i was so disappointed in shyvonne, but iti was great seeing you this weekend!