Friday, October 23, 2009

Wayne, Bentley, and Paisley!

Yesterday I went to the Jimmy Wayne, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley concert in Baltimore! It was a blast! I went with Annie, Deanna, and Andi. We started off the evening going out to dinner right near Andi's awesome apartment. The restaurant looked over the harbor from Canton. It was such a nice day that we started off dinner outside before the sunset.

After dinner Annie drove us back to her apartment right near the 1st Mariner Arena. We walked to the concert from there and found our seats. I got my camera out and took the first picture an d immediately after I received the battery exhausted notification! outrageous! So I stole Annie's camera so the below pictures are from her! Thanks Annie!

Annie and Me

Deanna and Andi.

Annie and Andi

An attempt to get a picture of us all! lol.

The people behind us got tired of the flashes and offer to take one for us!
A successful group shot!!

It was an awesome concert and so great to hang out with some of the girls from home!

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