Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Big's Wedding

This past Saturday one of my dearest friends was married! My sorority sister, whom I call Flower, was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. She amazed me with with cool and calmness. I think that her collective nature was due to her readiness. She had a longer engagement and I think that by the time Saturday rolled around she could not wait to marry Rob. I, however, was the mess. I cried during the rehearsal and all the way through the reception! I have never been happier for one of my friends.

I have heard of the term bridal beauty, but on Saturday Flower had exactly that. She was glowing and I don't think I saw her smile fade once. I did think to myself at one point that her cheek muscles have to be killing her, but I don't think she minded at all. Rob was his usual, full of jokes. Everytime I saw him we acknowledge each other with a "Hey Ginger!"

The wedding was held at St. Mary's Church in Downtown Annapolis and the reception was at the Annapolis Yacht Club. This was the perfect venue as she went to St. Mary's Catholic school and the two met at the AYC one summer.

Four Delta Gammas were apart of the wedding party and a few others were in attendance of the wedding. It was great to see these girls.

Lauren and Rob I wish you a great honeymoon and a life time of happiness! and of course.... ginger babies!Pictures by JJ!!!

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