Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crafty Valentines.

I've always thought that the best Valentine Day gifts were the homemade kind. It shows that someone has put though in to the present rather then just go by the CVS for a box of chocolates. I guess it makes it a little less of a "Hallmark" holiday.

This Wednesday I dug out old art supplies, scrap paper, some old photos and anything else I could think of that would contribute to a sweet Valentine. After a few hours of crafting and watching Sex and the City I finished my Valentine. It was really fun to set aside the time to be crafty and do something creative. And it was even better because I had a good friend join me!

 Lots of piles of random things, such a mess.
So much pink!
Gea crafting something beautiful! 
Gea's Fabulous Valentine!
Valentine for my sweetie! Love you JJ!

Well to be honest I don't think my final project is the most fabulous valentine I ever saw, but I had fun doing it! I hope you get a chance to make something for your sweetie this Valentine's Day.

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  1. What a fun and crafty day! Can't wait to do it again, thanks so much for the inspiration! xoxoxo :)