Sunday, March 25, 2012

Old Toms, New Look.

I've have a pair of plain canvas Toms for a year now and I love them! I now have an additional two pairs of Toms. I find them to be very comfortable and convenient! I've also been pleasantly surprised that you don't get a case of swamp-foot wearing them. From the mainland to Hawaii to Singapore you feet really do stay dry.

I've washed my original Toms now several times and have gotten most of the stains (including red wine) out of them, but they still have that dingy look. And, to be honest, when I bought the plain pair I thought I could always spruce them up a little later. Well that time has come!

As you may know, I have a mild obsession with anchors that started with a love of water, was fed by joining Delta Gamma and has gone full-throttle when I became a Navy wife. They are a symbol of my life and well just a darn good design! So naturally when it came to my Toms make-over, anchors popped into my head.

First I started with some hand painted stripes. Thanks to the design of the Toms there is a guideline for any free-hand work!

Then I added vintage anchor buttons (purchased off eBay) and a red anchor. And voilĂ ! I now have anchor Toms!

P.S.- It is a lot harder to hold your feet up in the air while 7 months pregnant!

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