Monday, March 19, 2012

28 Weeks and Baby Bowl.

Finally!! The third trimester is here! I'm so excited that we have made it to this point. Now I need to get serious about my nursery projects; though I am not doing much here because the whole family will be moving this summer. The full nursery will have to wait for the next place. However, I still have things to do and time is getting shorter.

Here is my bump picture update. I can't believe this belly belongs to me, it surprises me sometimes. haha.

This also brings me to the "Baby Bowl!" We are doing a pool and collecting guesses for the nugget's arrival date. I will give you all the facts and details below for your best guess.

Baby Bowl!!!
The Stakes : Bragging rights and an autographed portrait of the nugget ;) (ok and a little something something from Hawaii)
How to Enter: Email me or post a comment to this blog below with date and time (Hawaii time - remember am/pm). The time will be used as a tie-breaker.

Some facts to consider about the Nugget.
  • His due date is June, 8th 2012
  • I've been told a few times that he is "big"
  • Both the hubs and I were early babies. He was three weeks and I was two weeks early. 

So guess away ya'll. I can't wait to see who got it right. Make sure to let me know by May 8th. I will post all guesses at that time!