Sunday, January 2, 2011

The best days and then those other ones.

As 2010 came to an end I began to think off all the things in store for me in 2011. I've decided to name 2011 "The Year of the Great Return" as JJ will be returning from his first deployment. As I began to daydream about that day in my future I wondered where it would place on my best day ever list. Which then lead my to think about my best days or favorite days. I came up with five days that distinctly stand out in my mind.

  1. Our Wedding Day - Obviously, no explaination needed. Maybe a little confession would be that I had actually picked out the date years before JJ proposed. I knew that he was the man I was going to marry within months of meeting him.
  2. The Proposal - Not only was it a day that I had been waiting for, but the amount of effort that JJ put into the event (it really was more then just a question) blew me away. It also finally gave my the legitimate excuse of planning the wedding that was, well, already planned in my mind. 
  3. When Jake came home - When I was 4 years old, my parents surprised me with a little black puppy. I remember vividly him being so scared that he hid under the driver's seat of my mom's red Jetta. When my parents asked me what I wanted to call him I instantly said "Jake." I remember thinking it was such a funny question because didn't my parents know that all good dogs were named Jake. I had Jake for 14 years and I think and tell stories of him often. To this day I can't help but laugh when I see a Krispy Kreme Donut, but that is another story. 
  4. My first day at the University of Maryland - I remember at my high school graduation girls were crying and hugging and expressing how much they were going to miss each other, yada yada. At that moment, I thought to myself, nope not going to miss this. I knew that college was going to be the time of my life; that it was going to be there that I had my adventure. I'm still not really over graduating; those students going for a victory lap (or two) may in the end be smarter then the rest of us. 
  5. Tea at the Four Seasons in Georgetown - It is really the simplicity of this memory that make its so fond. I felt so fancy enjoying tea like a high class lady with my mother. They had these big plush chairs in a parlor removed from the rest of the hotel. There weren't very many people there; it was quiet and calm. I remember being so impressed by the box the waiter had to display the loose tea. It was delicious and although I still really enjoy going to tea and have tried several places, that it by far my favorite. 

Now, Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. This is the case with many things on the roll-coaster of life. You had great days and you had horrible ones so I think it only fair to talk a little of the not so fun days as well. As I thought going completely opposite of my great days as that might be a little grim. I have decided to tell about 3 days that at the time were pretty horrible, but with time and perspective, have become comical.

  1. The day I thought JJ was going to propose - About 2 weeks before JJ proposed to me he asked me on a date. I knew he was getting close to ask, in fact I knew he already had the ring. So I spend the entire week freaking out and trying to shop for a new outfit after work. I purchased a head to toe ensemble for our date. As the date went on, I began to realize that it was just dinner and by dessert my stomach began to hurt. I went home that night not only with a case of disappointment, but a nice helping of food poisoning. After getting engaged we joked about the non-proposal/food poisoning date.
  2. The introduction to Outward Bound. - One summer I signed up for a 3 week sailing course on the Chesapeake Bay. I was super excited to learn all about sailing. I spend the previous week gathering all the camp gear on the list that they provided. Once we arrived at the head quarters the counselors had us dump all of our bags and re-pack everything into one of the organization's waterproof bags. Well there seemed to be some confusion over the list that they mailed to us and the reality of what we were permitted to bring sank in. I sat there awe-shocked as items were removed. No make-up, no deodorant, no shampoo or conditioner, no tweezers, no shaving razors, no Tylenol, half our clothes were removed from the pile and so on. I realized this trip was going to be a little more crude then expect. Then they showed us the "facilities" on our boats. Which in all actuality was a 5 gallon paint bucket with a screw on lid. It was place at the bow of the sail boat in a box, and there wasn't much of a curtain....
  3. The night train from Florence to Nice - While traveling through Europe, my partner and I decided to take a night train to the French Rivera. Kill two birds with one stone, you travel and it is your hostel for the night. We enjoyed our day in Florance looking at the art work and had dinner with some other backpackers that we met. Now in Europe, wine is cheaper then water, so why not have the local fare and sharing some bottles on the street with friends attracts no attention. We also figure what better way then a little wine to make up sleep on an uncomfortable train. So when 11:30 rolled around we were waiting at the local station our thinking may had been a little fuzzy. Lauren was on the phone with her boyfriend and I was staring at the train board to see what platform we were going to be on. Well as minutes were passing I continued to look at my ticket and then to the train board. With 15 minutes until departure, panic set in, we were in the wrong station! We needed to be at the smaller station on the other side of town. Of course the buses were no longer running so we ran for a taxi. Naturally, the taxi line was approximately 50 people long. So we ran up and down the line to see if anyone was going that way and would share a ride. Luckily, a nice man at the front took pity of us and allowed us to share his cab. After much appreciation for his generosity we bolted from the taxi to the platform. We were the last ones on the train, seconds after our feet left the platform the train pulled away. And that was only the beginning of our night.... what can I said, the movie Eurotrip, that stuff really happens. 
I just hope that more of these events are in store for me. 

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