Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Bookmark.

I'm not exactly sure when I received my horse bookmark, but I remember that I received it one Christmas. I believe it came in my stocking. The real incredible thing about the bookmark is that I've never lost it. For something so small and common I'm surprised that the horse has not walked off yet.

Over the years the bookmark has been wedged between the pages of many books and it has taken a bit of a beating. The poor horse lost its first leg years ago and this past fall another broke. So my horse has become severely lopsided and I have decided to retire it.

Since I love having the string style bookmark I decided it would be an easy craft. I could also make several and personalized them as gifts. So I went to my local bead store and purchased my supplies. So far I've made one for myself and another for my mom. 

I found some letter beads.   
Mine includes sea glass and my mom's has an amethyst, her birthstone. 

I just think this is a fun picture. 

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