Tuesday, July 5, 2011



–noun, plural -tus·es, -tus.
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.
For reasons unknown even to myself, the word hiatus has always been a favorite of mine.  As it has literally been months since my last blog, I would like to apologize for the hiatus. I could give you a million excuses, my design business picked up, visitors, travel, a new kitten or the most significant news lately, the return of my husband from deployment, etc. However, the truth is I just pushed the blog to the back burner and as the ideas piled up in my head I was overwhelmed by the task of updating. I have procrastinated enough and am ready to return to the world of blogging. So I vow that this week I will blog everyday. By next week I'll probably be back to a normal schedule, but I hope not to have such a drastic lag again between blogs. 
 For now, check out the newest photos on Ginger Snaps

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