Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A few months ago I bought a glider and ottoman off Craigslist for $50, which was a great deal because similar new models of the same chair cost between $500 and $600. The only issue with it was cosmetic. The chair had been loved and well used. There were coffee stains and some others that comes from rocking babies to sleep. Also, it was a pretty ugly soft beige color.

 This picture is very flattering considering the true condition of the fabric. 

I decided I wanted to make the chair pop. That's actually when I started thinking about nursery colors. I went with a chartreuse and navy blue. I found the lovely damask fabric online. I spend just $30 on all the fabric.

Honestly the chair and fabric sat for weeks as I procrastinated on the project. Realizing I was running out of time I knew I had to get on it. Helping to take on the challenge, my dear friend, Caitlin stepped up to the plate. And in one weekend we got the chair ready to glide in style.

 The arms had batting we reused and extra padding sew into the fabric. 

We started with tearing seams of the cushions to make our pattern. We also spruced up the design a little by adding cording, which we custom made. We had to do a lot of work on the fly and be flexible. We also had to figure out how to re-sew some of the cushions without industrial strength machinery.
I guess the manufacturer protects cushions by wrapping them in plastic. 
Since this is for a baby's room, we kept the protective plastic! 

One of the hardest challenges was learning how to attach heavy duty snaps. Turns out its the one thing you can't find a video for online! We finally figured it out by the basic photos on the box and a video about leather work, ha!

We only had to re-cut once and broke just one needle. We did end up making a few extra trips to the fabric store for the right tools or more supplies. Overall I think we did a great job. I consider this a magnificent success! 

Now my chair proudly sits and it ready for anyone to take it for a test drive. You just need to maneuver around all the other baby stuff that stills needs organizing!

In the end I think I spent about $100 to $120 on my remodeling project.

What do you think?

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