Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singapore Treasure.

While I was exploring Singapore I was introduced to calligraphy brushes. Not just any only calligraphy, but beautiful Chinese decorative brushes. They come in a variety of sizes, I saw some several feet tall and others several inches. I purchased seven of them in a different styles and in "reasonable" sizes.

I love them.

However, when I got home I couldn't quite figure out how to display my treasures so they sat tucked away on a shelf. As I gave up on finding a creative way to show them off I asked a friend, the wonderful, Caitlin to use her contacts to get a stand from Chinatown in Singapore. And well, what do you know I received the PERFECT birthday gift from her. It even had exactly seven hooks for my brushes.

So here they are proudly displayed on my desk!

Aren't they gorgeous!

The brushes are made with horse hair. 

 Some better lighting from the Lanai.

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  1. I love the brushes and the fabulous stand. What a wonderful momento to remember your time spent in Hawaii and the terrific friends that you made.