Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singapore: Little India.

While in Singapore we travel to one of the distinct cultural districts, Little India. Here are several shops with outdoor carts full of produce and goods. There is a large open market called the Tekka Market. The upstairs has clothing and electronic stores. I bought a fabulous tunic there. The lower level has more produce, butchers and fresh fish.

 The main street of Little India.

More markets

The Tekka Market, lower level.

We passed stands selling this beautiful floral arrangements. They are very fragrant ornaments. Jeff decided that Caitlin and I needed more "leis" and bought us 15 lbs. of flowers! We walked all around town with the locals giving us odd looks. After lunch, with a sore neck, I passed a car with the same arrangement hanging from the grille! I then realized that Jeff was making us wear car ornaments! Turns out they are for cars, temples and other things worth blessing. How embarrassing! We were the stupid Americans for that afternoon, thanks Jeff.

 The massive "Leis"
Yes, we look ridiculous.

For lunch we ate at the Banana Leaf, an Indian restaurant. I am always nervous about eating curry because it is an intense flavor and not always my favorite. However, the food here was amazing and a little fun since you eat off of a banana leaf!

 You eat off banana leaves. How eco-friendly. 

The best picture of us.

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