Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hop, Skip and a Jump back to the Cold.

In a bitter sweet goodbye earlier this month I got on a plane and headed back to my old stomping grounds. Now I have to say that I was not sorry at all that I missed the terrible weather from this pass winter. I never really cared much for snow (unless I got out of school!).

That said I was really excited to see my people from home. It also meant that it was getting closer and closer to the wedding! So a little reluctantly and a role reversal I left JJ in Honolulu and boarded a plane back to the continental US. I went from Honolulu to Seattle to Chicago and finally Baltimore.

When I landed in Baltimore I couldn't find enough layers to put on! I've turned into a softy. (well truth be told, I never liked the cold nor was I ever "used" to it. I mean can anyone really be "used" to the cold?)

On the runway, look how green the water appears!

I can now say that I've been cut off by a jet. See the burr of the F-16s. They were doing a formation take off.

Honolulu from the plane.
Hawaii Kai.

Landing in Baltimore, there was still snow on the ground.

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